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Blakeney bulletin board, Patrick Boylan, 3-18-2000,10:57:48
Please feel free to leave a message is you are looking for a particular Blakeney or you have some
question related to Blakeney genealogy.

Descendants of William Blakeney , William Blakeney, 5-30-2001,20:54:23
Congratulations on a great page!

Any site that encourages people to procreate with guys named William Blakeney is first rate in my books.

Keep up the good work!

Regards, William Blakeney

Site, Gloria, 7-8-2001,11:54:36
I went through the site. I am very impressed!!! My little brother
certainly knows how to do things.

Theodora Blakeney, sally green, 7-19-2001,13:19:15
Looking for info about Theodora Blakeney b. about 1820? and married William O'Brien around Dublin. Theodora's father or grandfather was alleged to be a high ranking British Army officer. She married a Catholic (O'Brien) and was banished from the family. Their daughter was Katherine (Catherine/Kathleen) Almira Theodosia O'Brien b. 1839/41 near Dublin. Theodora and William came to America sometime after Katherine's birth, but both died soon after arriving. Relatives sent Katherine to America/Canada on her own at about age 10-12 (1850ish?)She ended up in Canada and then New York and married Seymour Green of Wayne Co., New York. Later settled in Saginaw Michigan. Does anyone possibly have any info about this family? Thanks!

Nice to see a Blakeney family homepage - keep up the good work! Would love to hear from any of the Blakeney connections from the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. -- How's the book coming? - cousin Crafty impatiently tapping toes awaiting it's arrival.

Blakeney Thanksmas, Gary Blakeney, 11-20-2001,20:10:33

The descendents of C. Y. Blakeney will meet once again on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, for our 37th Annual Thanksmas (Thanksgiving and Christmas combined). Our meeting this year will at Beaver's Bend State Park near Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We are expecting 85 to 90 in attendance.

Missing Friends, John Dirr, 2-24-2002,14:53:13
I am looking to reconnect with the Blakeneys of Woodhaven, NY. In particular, I
I am trying to find Maureen and Anne. Both have married sometime in the late 70's,
early 80's. Anne was with Japan airlines. Members of the St Thomas Apostle Folk
Group have been searching for them. If any info, please forward to me. The old
gang would be most appreciative.

Jerusha Blakeney, daughter of Chambers Blakeney, Rae Ellyn Hughes, 3-16-2002,19:7:19
I have the following information listed in a file I received from another Blakeney cousin. I thouht you might like to have it for your "William Blakeney, Full Report".

I descend from William Hugh Blakeney, son of Capt. John Blakeney.


Rae Ellyn Russell Hughes




As Governor Lord General, Sir William Blakeney, born in Northern Ireland, married, (a Blakeney), Elizabeth Blakeney, born about 1713 in Northern Ireland. They had a son named David Blakeney, born about 1745 in Ireland.



David Blakeney moved to America and married, (as his father did, a Blakeney), Elizabeth Blakeney, born about 1749 in North Carolina.
David Blakeney and Elizabeth had eight children, all born in Granville, North Carolina. They were:

(1) David Blakeney born about 1767 (when Elizabeth was only about 18 years old).
(2) William Blakeney born about 1769.
(3) Uz Blakeney born about 1771.
(4) John Blakeney born about 1775.
(5) Chambers Blakeney born about 1776.
(6) James Blakeney born about 1777.
(7) George Blakeney born about 1779.
(8) Ruth Blakeney born about 1781.

Chambers Blakeney, was married to Sarah Lewis, born about 1800 in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. They had a daughter, named Jerusha Blakeney, born August 14, 1804 in Canada, and died April 3, 1871 in Canada.



Jerusha Blakeney was married to Charles McCready born Oct. 12, 1798, in Canada on January 27, 1825.

Their children were:

(1)Sarah McCready born October 21, 1825.
(2) George W. McCready born April 11, 1826.
(3) Ann McCready born May 13, 1828.
(4) Samuel McCready born August 6, 1830.
(5) Susanna McCready born February 2, 1833.
(6) Edward C. McCready born June 7, 1835.
(7) William F. McCready born December 17, 1837.
(8) John Eliza Blakeney McCready born April 5, 1839. (9) Alida R. McCready born December 28, 1841.


Does anyone know how or if we are related to Lord William Blakeney, who was incharge of Stirling Castle, in Scotland, during the Battle of Falkirk, when Prince Charles Edward Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charlie", tried to take Stirlng Castle, back from England ?


Rae Ellyn

Catherine (Blakeney) Jackson, Jennifer MacIntyre, 7-10-2002,8:57:58
Hi, I'm trying to find geneological information on my paternal grandmother's line. Her name was Catherine (nee Blakeney) Jackson. She was born during WWI. Lived for a time on Sable Island, near Nova Scotia, where her grandfather was posted. Married Ted (Edward) Jackson when she was 15. Please contact @ macintys@cadvision.com


email change, Jennifer MacIntyre, 10-30-2002,11:29:14
Hi, if anyone tried to contact me re: Catherine Blakeney Jackson, my email address has recently changed to macintyre.home@telus.net

WWII, Hetty Huussen, 11-20-2002,14:50:28
I'm looking for a man who was in Holland (Nijmegen) during WWII (1945). His name was possible Aubrey/Audry Blakeley/Blakely/Blakeney. He was a driver in the medical corps. He did also something with communication.
Can somebody give me some information.


George T. Blakeney, Marcia Ruby, 12-18-2002,7:35:22
Direct Descendants of George T. Blakeney

George T. Blakeney Ireland 1834 -
.+Catherine 1835 -
....Robert Ironside Blakeney 1867 - 1964
....... +Nancy Spradling
..........3 George Robert Blakeney 1887 - 1935
.............+Rollin C. Marye 1897 -
................4 Robert Clifford Blakeney 1918 - 1978

I am looking for any Information. Links would be Great! I am new to the over seas thing.
Thanks, Marcia

Lord Blakeney, Mike Blakney Fodor, 1-20-2003,9:35:19
Rae Ellyn if you are related to Capt. John then you are a direct descendant of Lord Blakeney of Mt. Blakeney, Ireland

ancestors of Timothy Blakley of Alberta, Canada, gene blakley, 2-21-2003,20:24:2
I am looking for relatives of Timothy Blakley who was born in Sand Dune North Dakota and later moved to Cypress Hills in Alberta and on to Rockymountian House in Alberta. H finally settles in Millarville, Alberta. I believe that the Blakleys came from Indianna originally. Anyone that can help me out please e mail me. Thanks Gene

Blakeneys From SC to MISS to TEXAS, Hugh Lucas, 5-13-2003,16:51:40
Interested in ancestors from my Blakeney line; Capt John Blakeney (SC) to John Blakeney, Jr. (SC) to John (Jack) Blakeney (SC) to Robert James Blakeney/Mary Jane Blakeney (SCMississippi>Texas)to Robert James Blakeney, Jr.(TX) to Ernest R> Blakeney (Tx) to Vineita Blakeney(Lucas) (TX) to me, Hugh Lucas, Dallas, Tx. Would appreciate any interested reply.

Texas Blakeney's, Nichole, 7-13-2003,14:33:21
My grandmother is Eugenia Bequita Blakeney, born in Bowie, Texas to Chateu Alfred Blakeney, who was born in the Oklahoma Territories. The legend is that two brothers from Ireland came over, one went north, one went south. I am looking for any info related to this (I am pregnant with my second child and would like to pass on a different family name from Blake.) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Lydia A. Blakeney b.@1847, Claire, 9-12-2003,8:31:18
I am looking for the family of Herbert E. Dimock who married Lydia A. Blakeney.
Herbert & Lydia were listed in the 1881 census at Somerset, Kings Co. N.S., their children were:
Arthur V. b. 1874, George H. b. 1823 (carpenter) and Sarah A. b. 1826. Does anyone have a birth
or death death (or marriage date) for either/or Herbert Dimock and Lydia Blakeney. Thank you.

message posting is now reenabled, Patrick Boylan, 12-27-2004,13:42:28
It was disabled for a while due to SPAM postings, but it's back on again.

Bleakney/Blakney/Blakeney in N.B., C.Cusack-Smith, 1-5-2005,16:12:59
I have research in New Brunswick - ancestors of William and Elizabeth.

Blakeney, Evelyn, 3-24-2005,7:39:30
I am trying to find ancestors of my mother born in Nova Scotia to Gladys E. (Snow) Blakeney. Any help will be dearly appreciated./

WHAT DOES THIS NAME MEAN?, blakeney, 9-28-2005,18:54:9
Hi I am trying to get information on the definition of this name for my son's school project, if anyone can help please do so. Thanks.

Bleakneys of Salisbury, NB, Tom Wilmink, 10-25-2005,11:22:36
My wife's ggrandfather was Alexander Bleakney from Salisbury, NB. He married a lady named Sarah in 1850s. One of the children was AW Bleakney (Alexander William) who lived in NB and latrer in Nova Scotia. Regarding Alexander, I think his father was William but not sure. Does anyone have any information re this Alexander?

Bleakneys of Salisbury, NB, Tom Wilmink, 10-25-2005,11:25:7
My wife's ggrandfather was Alexander Bleakney from Salisbury, NB. He married a lady named Sarah in 1850s. One of the children was AW (Alexander William) Bleakney, born 1857, who lived in NB and later in Nova Scotia. Regarding Alexander, I think his father was William but not sure. Does anyone have any information re this Alexander?

Blakeney Family from Virginia, Ann M. Osisek, 1-17-2006,18:49:37
Seeking information on the parents of Andrew Joseph Blakeney,Sr. born circa 1775 (unknown wife) with children:
1.Juliet Blakeney (married to Jacob Zimmerman-28 Nov.1811,Berkeley Co.VA);
2.Edward Perrin Blakeney (married to Mary "Polly" Shoafstall-15 Jan.1825,Berkeley Co.VA);
3.Andrew Joseph Blakeney, Jr. (married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Shoafstall-3 Dec.1826,Berkeley Co.VA)

Is Andrew Joseph Blakeney, Sr. linked to the North Carolina Blakeney family?

George Blakeney, Ellis Winkle, 3-12-2006,9:1:30
I have information on the George Blakeney (who married Catherine Ironside) family. George was on the Shawnee Roll of 1871 as George Blackeney and his wife Catherine Ironside was listed as Zate Blackeny. George is #133 and Kate is #134. Also listed are Robert Ironside Blackeny and Emily Blackeny as #135 and 136, respectively. They emigrated from Canada in 1857. Kate is 1/4 Shawnee and the daughter of Robert Alexander Ironside who married Margaret Rapelje.

your webpage, gary blakeney, 6-26-2006,13:57:20
Gary, your format looks great. know you have put a lot of work into it. congrats. virginia blakeney briner. p.s. i am still searching for info to link capt john, hugh, and james thomas to my alvin, john franklin, emerson alvin.....to me.

Blakeney, Virginia Blakeney Br, 7-12-2006,17:20:11
Need info linkingCapt John Wm Blakeney to son William Hugh, his son James Thomas, his son Alvin, his son John Franklin, his son Emerson Alvin to me Virginia Blakeney Briner,..particularly linking Hugh as Capt Johns son and James Thomas as his. Thanks for any assistance

Julia Blakeney, dusty, 11-17-2006,9:5:19
Has anyone figured out who Julia Blakeney's parents are? She was married to William Shumate abt. 1756 in ??. Ive seen researchers who assign her to Capt. John as daughter, but the dates don't seem right. Julia was in So. Carolina about the same time, and died 1785 in Lancaster. Any info, theories, guesses welcome. Write to me at dustyc@microgear.net Thanks!!

James Blakney/ Agigail Herrett, Phyllis McNeill, 2-11-2007,13:22:45
James Blakney b. 1816 s/o James and Catherine Blakney m.Jan. 31.1850 Abigail B. Herrett b. Aug 15, 1823 d/o Thomas Jr. Herrett and Hannah Louise Guiou.
Can anyone answer any of the following questions:
a. Does James have a second name?
b. What is James exact date of birth and death?
c. What is Abigailís exact date of death?
d. Where did James and Abigail die?
e. Where are James and Abigail Buried?
f. What was James occupation?
g. Did they have children and if so what are their names and dates of birth?

Thanks in advance

Thomas Blakney/Lucy Corkum, Phyllis, 3-10-2007,8:58:34
I am looking for information on Thomas Blakney b. 1890 poss. Pleasantville, Lunenburg Co., N. S.
I can't find him in the 1901 or 1911 census.He shows up in a Corkum Family Tree as being married to Lucy Corkum b. 1880 in Pleasantville, Lunenburg Co., N. S. but i haven't been able to prove it.
Does anyone know who his parents might be?
Any lead would be appreciated since I am legally blind I onlyhave the internet to do my research.
Thanks in Advance

Blakeney Reunion, Krista, 5-25-2007,5:58:4
Is there a schedule reunion in the near future?

Aaron Blakeney, Jason, 6-9-2007,19:53:42
I,m trying to find information on my family line my great grandfather was aaron blakeney born in texas. my grandfather is james dean blakeney born in kansas. my father is james steven blakeney born in sandiego california. I'm courious how i'm related to capt john blakeney

jason blakeney

documenting Blakeney genealogy, Rocky, 9-24-2007,8:20:56
I believe that I am a descendant of the Blakeney line;
William Blakeney (b. 1715) m. Elizabeth Chambers
David Blakeney Sr. (b. 1745) m. Elizabeth (---)
Chambers Blakeney (b. c. 1773) m. Sarah Lewis
Jerusha Blakeney (b. 1804) m. Charles McCready

I would like to prove my U.E. lineage with this line.

Problem is I can find various webpages, surname forums, various printed text, but ALL of them do not seem to cite their sources. Some cite each other, but no primary documentation is ever cited.
Where is all the primary evidence? Are there any compilations with referenced evidence?
Is it all conjecture, and family lore, or, has someone found the "proof" to make these connections and documented it?
I do not live close enough to New Brunswick to sort through the archives there and read the actual documents. I have gone through what primary and secondary records the NB Archives have posted. It is frustrating seeing the amount of unsubstantiated material out there some with glaring misspellings and errors!
Please point me to where I can find the documentation that I need.
Rocky Gibney

Ivy Blakeney, Don, 1-17-2008,7:6:38
If I give you the information, can you update the Ivy Blakeney branch?

Also, I have some information on the distribution of artifacts from Joseph Blakeney from his artice exploits which may be of interest.


Don Dagenais

blake4ney family , chris, 4-16-2008,0:36:50
Does anybody have any connections in tasmania australia

Blakeney Arnold Jeddore, Ross, 3-29-2009,5:22:40
I'm researching the origin of the Arnold Family that married into the Blakeney family in Jeddore. I
have the ususal information taking the arnolds back to Shelburne but little solid information
beyond that. Has anyone sorted the arnolds out and found the early Shelburne records? Has anyone
determined which New England family the Arnolds came from?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ross Blakeney

family crest, Hope, 4-5-2009,18:41:54
What does the latin on the family crest mean? Thank you.

William Lord Blakeney, Marty, 4-7-2009,19:41:7
I have received information that William Lord Blakeney was in South Carolina about the time of the The War of the Revolution. Does anyone have that information? Thank you.

Blakney Boomerang, Joyce, 6-24-2009,7:50:46
All Blakney/Blakeney family members are invited to gather with your kin in East Washington NH on Sunday August 9. We will gather at the home of Beth Blakney Gallagher at 77 Bergweg Road to share in a 1pm pot lunch barbecue. Bring your favorite dish to share and bring your family memories. Pass the word along to others in the Blakeney/Blakney clan. All are welcome. Contact Joyce Duerr at jbduerr@cox.net for more information.

Blakney Boomerang, Joyce, 6-24-2009,7:55:38
All Blakney/Blakeney kin are invited to gather in East Washington NH on Sunday August 9, 2009. We will meet at the home of Beth Blakney Gallager at 77 Bergweg Road, East Washington NH for a barbecue lunch at 1pm. Bring your favorite dish to share and invite your "kissing cousins" to come along. It will be helpful if you let us know of your plan to attend. For more information contact Joyce Blakney Duerr at jbduerr@cox.net.

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